Oracle 11g [Installation]

I really had some pain installing oracle 11g in my Windows 7 notebook. Everytime  I tried to run the installer, after some time it threw some popup saying something like this “could not create createOUIProcess”. It was a real headache until I ran the setup in a command prompt using “-debug” option. After running the setup using the debug option, I found that it was unable to locate the JRE installed in my system although everything(JAVA_HOME,PATH) was setup properly. I looked at the line where it shows that it could not find the Jre path and saw something king of quotation. After searching a lot in google I finally arrived in some solution saying that the JRE path should not contain any space.

So, I  just copied my JDK installed in my C:\Program Files to a path without any space and ran the following command.

setup.exe -debug -jreLoc c:\jdk_1.8.72

That’s it. It really ran.

Holy crap !!!!




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