Easy Pad 1.0.0

I always have interest to learn new Languages. Language in the sense of fellow man’s language, not talking about the programming languages. Currently I speak 4 languages fluently (Assamese,Hindi,English and Portuguese). My most recent language is Portuguese.

Well, Portuguese is not a simple language. The verb formas will kill you and the accents are also there to ruin your day. One simple mistake of accent can lead you to the misery. For example, “pão” means bread and “pau” means dick in informal language.


So,  initially I had a lot of problems mastering the language. But now a days  I am expert in it. Recently I have created a very cool desktop application to help writing portuguese faster and with less error. I am inspired by Eclise IDE that auto completes the code. Same principle I applied in my application (EasyPad)

Here is a video to check it out.





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