Tutorial 1 NodeJS Installation

Recently I have started learning NodeJS and I found it super stunning, simple and exciting. Here in my blog, my intention is to post every new thing that I tried, learned and really executed in my system. So here goes my first post.

Installation of NodeJS is very simple. For those who have WindowsOS, they can directly download the msi installer from the site and follow the necessary steps to install. (For Linux installation, I will cover this part sometimes later, but it is damn simple).

So, after installing the NodeJS, just open a command prompt and type node -v and if you see something like v0.12.7 (current nodejs version in my system)  you are done. The Node installation also installs a program called npm (Node Package Manager) in your system. If you are a Java guy, you will feel some kind of Maven similarity with the npm tool. It is a tool to automatically download the dependencies (libraries) for your Node projects. For now, I think that’s enough for npm. To check the version of npm installed in your system, just type npm -v in your command prompt and if you see something like 2.11.3(current npm version in my system) you are done.

In fact, if you have a notepad you can start coding nodejs right away.There are innumerous tools available in internet for nodejs development. But as I am from Java background, I chose Eclipse as my favorite IDE.

So in my next experience, I will show you how to install NodeJS plugin for eclipse.


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